Press for Our Book

“With its thick outlines, bright colors, beady canine eyes, and endearing dog’s-eye viewpoint, debut illustrator Heath’s artwork … gives the pages a feeling that’s half comic book, half primer. Words and commands familiar to dogs (lie down, treat, squirrel, good dog) lace the text and provide potential opportunities for interactivity with pets.”  — Publisher’s Weekly


“The book, a simple story about a good dog who decides to walk himself because his companion is too busy, is charming, adorably illustrated, and… well, genius.”  — Pet Home Magazine


“The publication of Bruce Littlefield’s The Bedtime Book for Dogs takes this (pet) obsession one stage further. Littlefield has written children’s stories to read to your dog before it goes to sleep. It’s all perfectly deranged, of course, but good-natured and loving and, in Littlefield’s case, actually rather well-written.”  —


“‘The Bedtime Book for Dogs,’ by Bruce Littlefield is adorable, cleverly incorporating into the story words that dogs actually know. (Not that I think any of you actually read to your dogs.) (Or do you?) It begins: ‘Come. Sit. Stay. I want to tell you a story. I think you’ll like it. It’s about a TREAT.’  My dog, I can assure you, would be all ears by now.”  –Star Tribune


Bruce Littlefield, reigning guru of garage sales, Airstreams, and Christmas lights goes to the dogs with this one-of-a-kind picture book, groomed for reading aloud to furry best friends. Childlike artwork and recognizable words (“come,” “stay,” “treat”) will get tails wagging. Fetch! –Chronogram